Download EDM (Enterprise Data-Miner)

In order to download the software, you must first buy a license from Data-Miner Pty Ltd. You are allowed to download as many copies of the software as you have licenses.

Note that the Java version requires the purchase of a separate license. It is NOT covered by a license for a standard platform-specific version even if they are both used on the same machine. Please read the license carefully and answer the following questions before proceeding further:

I have purchased the license:

I have read the license and accept its terms:

I wish to download one copy of the software for:

To download the software, you will need the user-id and password provided to you on purchase. Make sure you have them handy before you click on DOWNLOAD EDM.

After downloading the software, please refer to the installation instructions in the file edm.html which includes full software documentation. It can be read using any browser.

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